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    Default friendly forum

    I really like this forum because it is run so well and the moderators are so talented and helpful. I feel that I can ask any question about engraving techniques and it gets answered so well and by so many talented people. Is it not the purpose of this forum? For sure I have many controversial subjects in my mind, but I know this is not the place to discuss them.

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    I'm with you Glenn. I get rather spoiled by the hand engraving forums. I sometimes visit forums for other affinities and am surprised by the sarcastic and cutting remarks of the members. Often one asks a simple question and gets only snide or condescending remarks as if..."well, if you don't know that you don't belong here."

    The Cafe' has created not only a virtual community of engravers but a real one as well as we use these pages to help plan actual get-togethers. This is especially useful for people who work alone and sometimes in isolation. The Cafe' helps to provide a sense of interconnectedness that can be absent for a freelance artist working at home.

    Thanks to all who make this possible with friendly and civil discourse.

    C. Roger Bleile
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    I agree the two engraving forums are great and I doubt other fields have forums as good. Why? They have reasonable rules, they are well run even though I don't know what is involved technically, but most importantly it is the people who belong to the forums. I can't say enough about how people are so helpful to others no matter what others experience or expertise level. I have found in other trades or businesses experienced people don't share info until the other party can provide something in return or at least "have paid their dues". Not so at all here. I like to help others with problems without expecting anything in return. Be it can be frustrating when you know that there is a good chance it is a waste of time. Here alot of questions get asked multiple times and members always take the time to answer them, even though the alot of new people seem to give up quickly on engraving. The members are a good bunch of people, and are not looking to start fights or do petty things, or on ego trips. Just want to say thanks to everyone out there and thanks for helping me. Kevin Scott

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    Truly this is a really great forum. The amount of talent and insight here is staggering. The willingness with which such experienced individuals share their expertise is humbling. I read this forum for a long time before I ever posted and always looked forward to see what was new. The forum has become a window into a world I could only read about. The members who are published and/ or teach I eagerly follow in magazines. The opportunity to chat with you and benefit from all your experience is a wonderful gift.
    Engravers seem to be independent individuals. Here on the boards, a few situations have occurred. Given the reach of this forum and the variety of people that visit, sooner or later circumstances were bound to come up that were perhaps not as warm and fuzzy as we might prefer. I am sure if we think about it we will see the forum itself has become a place were things work themselves out rather well.
    I plan on hanging out here as long as you all let me. I like the company. Thanks Sam.

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    Well said Theresa! Mr. Alfano (That Sam) has done a great deed for the engraving community and deserves all our thanks.
    (The Other Sam)

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    My focus and the reason I come here is to further my knowledge about the field I work in
    everyday, I have a company but really I an artist craftsman that supplies a service to
    an industry. People deal with me because I'm the guy that designs it, makes it, and sends it to them.

    So gaining some technique helps, or system help from people that are my peers, helps a lot. I normally wouldn't discuss problems that I'm having with tool suppliers because there
    is no point to doing so on this forum. That's not what it was designed for or it's current function is.

    It would not help naming a tooling company that makes three inch hole punch,
    that I wanted to order in December but will not be available until May. Because the
    factory in Roumania will not make them any sooner. I only mention it here because it's
    non engraving related. This thing is between me and the Romanian's and you guys
    couldn't help. Besides I'm in no rush anyway and will eventually get the item,
    Or make it myself.

    I come to see what is new and maybe find out how it was made, also to
    find out how other engravers design there shops and support the work.
    How to use computer programs that help me design what I make.
    It is to glean ideas from people that are not diamond setters but do gun
    engraving or jewellery engraving, because it makes me, a better diamond
    setter. If I can offer something that someone finds usefull, that's great.

    It's also to talk to my buddies here on the forum. It is where I prefer
    the forum to go now and into the future.

    Talk to ya later,
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    I never get tired of talking, joking, arguing, discussing, a subject that holds our attention most of the day. Engraving.

    Jim Zimmermn
    Hand Engraving Canada ~-~-~-www.handengravingcanada.com

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    What makes a great community is its people. What makes a great forum is its members. The Cafe is blessed with an abundance of good hearted folks who make this the fun and educational place that it is. :thumbs up:

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