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    Default Microscope search

    First of all, I very much appreciate all who responded to my previous plea for help with a microscope. With your help I've pretty much narrowed the search down to a Meiji. Luckily I'm only 1 1/2 hours from Emporia, Kansas where GRS lives. Am planning on making the trip down there in the AM. That brings up the next question as to a vise. They have several options including a positioning vise and a low profile vise. I understand either would need mounted on a turn table and some means would need to be provided to raise and lower the vise. I feel I can fabricate a drill press style mount to take care of the up and down adjustment, but would like some input as to the merits of each style of vise and turn tables. I haven't completely given up on making an arangement like Lynton McKinze used in his video. The only problem with that is he used a Meitimier vise for the top portion and I think they must be long gone. At least I've not been able to find and information on them. Any and all help and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I had no idea there would be so many options when I began. Thanks again for your help, Don Hansen.

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    Hi Don

    Good deal that you are only a short drive from GRS. That way you can actually try the gear first and see exactly how it works. Microscopes are a very tricky area because it's very difficult to actually describe how they work and what you will see. At least by trying it out you get to "feel" and see for yourself..........a picture is worth a thousand words type of thing.

    It's the same with the microscope stands. You have 2 choices........raise/lower the work in which case the drill press stand works really well............or raise/lower the scope. The acrobant stand works very well for that. We all work differently and what works for me maybe uncomfortable for you and vis versa.


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    Hi Don,

    Just an Idea, But what I use for a stand, is an adjustable Boat seat. I mounted it to a 1/2 inch steel plate togive it some weight and stability, and mounted a 12" wooden disk to the swivel for the chair.It is Hydraulically adjustable, so I can get it where it is comfortable based on my chair.

    I purchased the positioning vise and there are times it helps to have it.

    I believe I bought the stand from www.Boatersworld.com

    I'm including a picture. I hope it comes out.
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    If you're going to use a turntable (and it's really best for under a scope) then you don't really need to spend the extra for the positioning vise.

    I've got the turntable on the drop down shelf with the adjustable bracket and the support pole under that.

    To find my initial shelf height I set my chair so it was comfortable with my foot on the foot pedal. Then I adjusted the microscope to be comfortable and set it to 'zoomed out, about the middle of the focus range'.

    I set my vise on the turntable on the shelf and set it on my bench, then measured how far above the bench the top of the vise was. I found a box about that height and set it on top of the support pole. The support pole has two set screws to lock the height. I loosened them both and raised it up until the top of the box was in focus under the scope, then finger tightened the set screws. That gave me an idea where I wanted the shelf to be so all I had to do was measure down from the bench and adjust the bracket and I was in the neighborhood.

    I've since adjusted the height a few times - most recently because going to the chiropractor made me an inch taller.

    I occasionally have to raise or lower my scope but it stays in the 'comfortable' zone. If I find that I keep having to move out of that zone I'll adjust the height of my shelf again.

    Another advantage of going with the GRS bracket system is that when I get around to it I can get the Benchmate system and do my sawing and such nicely under my scope instead of having to swing it over to the side.

    As I've said in other threads, getting a package from GRS may not be the lowest cost option but it does make sure you get a package that works.

    Steve :->

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