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  • Left Handed

    48 19.35%
  • Right Handed

    183 73.79%
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    17 6.85%
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    rosharon Tx
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    Hi Tira
    I am also right handed and left eye dominant
    I shoot with both eyes open

    Raul Hinz

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    Hi, Tira,

    If a person loses weight does an outie become and innie? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Great survey! I think we’ll learn more than we want to.

    I am left-handed and left-eye dominant and write, draw and engrave left-handed, but I play baseball, tennis, golf and shoot bow and arrow right-handed, shoot rifle and shotgun left-handed and shoot pistols with both. I score slightly better with the pistol in the right hand, using the left eye, but am competitive with either hand and either eye.

    I fish with either hand, depending on the type of reel, play guitar and flute right-handed. Piano and typing are nearly impossible, due to cross-hand errors. How strange the human brain is. Or is it just mine?

    But I do drive on the right side of the road. Andrew, it is fortunate that your driveway is 13,713 kilometers from mine.

    Mike Fennell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tira View Post
    Hello members! I was reading one of the other threads where some members were speaking about being left handed as opposed to right. Thinking back to many of the engravers I've meet in the last couple of years, there seems to be quite a few left handed engravers. I was wondering if there is more prevalence of left handedness in the engraving population than in the general population which averages about 7%. So... are you a lefty or righty?
    im mostly lefty

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    Right hand, right eye. I can shoot a pistol left handed because it was part of the qualification course when I was a cop but otherwise I'm right all the way (including political).
    C. Roger Bleile
    Author of American Engravers series of books.
    FEGA Historian
    NRA Benefactor Life Member

    "Nulla dies sine linea." Pliny

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