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    Default Drawing the shading on my Fn Browning Renaissance

    My Fn Browning I already partly engraved the “Renaissance design”. The gun is over 100 years so the little marks I tried to put them in the background I removed.
    A smoke print says the engraving takes 16 hours, and yes the factory engraving doesn’t look so nicely cut.
    I could not make a transfer that worked, so I drew on the metal copying a bit the design from the smoke print.
    Later by now I learned that those Master gun engravers mostly draw on the gun.
    I still have to shade so I’m drawing on the photo to find out how to shade these. The smoke print only shows cuts by a liner, and that is not what I want.
    Anyway, by drawing the shading first, I have more chance to finish this project at my best.
    Thanks for looking and reading my epistle.

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    Hello Arnaud,
    Your Renaissance Browning looks great and I really like the single point shading you have drawn in.
    The originals with the liner shading looked good but I think yours will be superior.
    I also have some of the old original Browning photo prints that the working engravers had to follow with the signature of the Master who created the design and the estimated working time. They sure were fast and that's where the liner shading came into play.
    Looking forward to seeing your completed gun. Looks wonderful so far.
    Best regards.
    John B.

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