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    You want the Dual Angle fixture. The QC adapters are handy and required for round gravers but you don't need them for square gravers. You can sharpen a graver with or without a QC adapter with the fixture. The QC adapters just make it faster. The Dual Angle fixture is of course also available from GRS
    They have an informed sales staff that can answer your questions as well.

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    Fegarex: Thank you for the clarification regarding the various fixtures. I will go with the dual-angle "non-QC only) fixture. I would purchase directly from GRS but my moola is in my account at RioGrande. It was a gift from my bro for my bday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinkerSue View Post
    Thank you for taking the time to post your comments. This place is the best for engraving tips, information and assistance.
    Since my original post, it has been brought to my attention that GRS makes TWO dual-angle sharpening fixtures. The first being the style available at Riogrande.com (where my bday money is itchin' to be spent):
    and the second style available at GRS.com (where I have no moola) :-( :
    My question:
    Is it true that the "Rio" GRS fixture can be used as is with the QC holder still attached to the graver? Or is it necessary to buy the QC adaptors (see link):
    If I don't buy the QC fixture adaptors for use with the "Rio" GRS fixture, does it hold the actual graver with the QC graver adaptor is still attached or do I have to remove the graver from its adaptor.
    After pondering the differences, it would appear that the Rio GRS fixture is more useful as it can be used to sharpen any kind of graver, QC or not whereas the fixture available on the GRS site is for use with QC gravers only.
    I have gone the route of hand sharpening, home made jigs, Crocker, Eclipse and K&D itsy bitsy graver jigs. Now that I actually have an opportunity to get a decent fixture I want to spend my gift wisely. I have plenty of time and patience to learn...it is my frustration level that comes up short. I am starting to "feel the way of" the graver and I want to make sure that what I am beginning to get a feel for is the thing I should be feeling! Oh boy...that doesn't sound right.
    To answer each post:
    @riflesmith/Richard: Thank you for the info. I will keep in mind the "move stone" vs. "move fixture".
    @atexascowboy2011: While I am certain I would learn faster (and correctly the first time around), I not only don't have the money for said instruction but I must limit my exposure to people, places, groups. I have a drastically lowered immune system response from cancer treatment and invisible little bugs find me highly attractive.
    @BobA: That is great news to my ears! I can't quite throw my Crocker with enough strength to embed it but I do plan on giving it a little place of its own in the dustbin of forgotten tools.
    @fegarex: That is what I am hoping to achieve! I have an old school PDQ Gem Drill that I picked up on eBay. It can be used like a drill press or rotated and used like a bench grinder. Here it is: https://instagram.com/p/9KsZ0CqlU9/
    @diandwill: Thank you for the additional info on the 120 EasyGraver. I am still learning and experiencing various graver geometries and I don't want to limit myself to one style. You are right about the money saving bonus, though!
    @sam: Thank you for clarification regarding stone levels. Your work is an inspiration! Not that others here are not...they are! I just happened to see your work first and the design work is absolutely stunning.
    @monk: Good to hear about the stone height. I have the PDQ Drill mention above as well as an old dremel set up as a drill press and a few Foredom flex shafts. An SR Series motor is used for a variety of jobs, a GG Series with reduction gear for my hammer handpiece and a 1/15hp Pfingst pendant motor attached to my Wolf Belt Sander. I used to work full time and have "fun money" to spend on my metalsmithing addiction. I am no longer in such a position monetarily so I am trying to spend wisely. I always find it hard to pass up a good deal on an old tool.
    @davegibson: Thank you. Hopefully, I can make do with the menagerie of tools I have collected through years of smithing.

    That was long so thanks to all for sticking with me!
    easy to make a power hone. any ole dc motor will suffice. such as from a retired treadmill. the dc motor can vary the speed to suit. i made one from an old dc tape transport motor, and an adjustable power supply.

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