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    Default Incrustation "line" metal in wood by Evgeni

    Several members in this and another forum asked me about my method of incrustation "contour" of metal in wood.

    I apologize for the huge delay

    The common assumption is that the metal inlaid in wood is easier than metal inlaid in metal, perhaps judging is a more difficult processing of the metal as a whole.

    In reality, it does not. The problem is the inhomogeneity of the materials (base and inlay). They respond quite differently to changes in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and others. In the inlay type "metal to metal" once healthy are busy, no power to escape inlay. To obtain stable during inlay "metal in wood" , must fulfill all along inlaid quality.

    How to make inlay? In the animated schema I reflect the main stages:

    1. Carve a V shaped channel *
    2. Tamped in it a metal band (I use 1.00-1.2 X 0.25-0.3 , mm). Personally I glue it , but this is not necessarily **
    3. Smooths above
    * the channel must be such that the metal must to be knock hard in late

    ** quality made inlay no needs of glue, the glue will not keep bad made inlay

    I think the pictures will show more. Here in steps, how to put inlay.
    For example - part of the spiral , shown by the arrow. In the case inlay on the handle of a knife. Inlaid is silver on walnut:

    I hope that I am not made ​​many linguistic errors

    More Info - in Comments on the topic
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