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    Default Scroll cutting & shading practice #1


    Per a suggestion, I've prepared a scroll practice project in .eps format which can be opened in every graphics application that I know of. Its size is 2" x 2" so it will fit a common practice plate.

    I have drawn this as single width lines as opposed to indicating where the lines would widen when cut with a graver. That part is up to you, and if you're not up to speed on where and how lines vary in width, then this is a great opportunity to hone your skills. I will say that the scroll backbone line is probably the only line that is consistent in width and depth. Every other line in this design will vary. In fact, it would be a good idea for this to be a two-part project. First show how you would cut the outlines, then complete the work with shading. Just a can do it any way you wish.

    This drawing isn't 100% perfect as you will see. The object was to produce a layout similar to what I would draw with a pencil on an article I was engraving, so you'll see small imperfections, overlaps, and areas that can use attention and improvement. Feel free to make those adjustments as you see fit. It shouldn't need any major adjustments and will produce a nicely finished design as-is.

    Have fun with it and post your results. It'll be interesting to see how different engravers handle it, and that's how we'll all learn. This isn't limited to beginners. I would encourage the pros to cut this as well. Don't be shy!

    You may download the eps file here.

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