View Poll Results: What best describes you and your engraving?

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  • I'm a full time gun engraver.

    7 4.02%
  • I'm a full time knife engraver.

    2 1.15%
  • I'm a full time jewelry engraver.

    2 1.15%
  • I'm a full time hobo coin carver.

    2 1.15%
  • I'm a full time engraver who engraves many things (hobo nickels, guns, knives, jewelry, etc).

    28 16.09%
  • I'm a jeweler who also does hand engraving.

    38 21.84%
  • I'm a hobbyist and do engraving for pleasure and do not seek paid jobs.

    49 28.16%
  • I'm a hobbyist and get paid for my engraving.

    25 14.37%
  • I'm a knifemaker and engrave my own knives.

    12 6.90%
  • I'm a gunmaker and engrave the guns I build.

    9 5.17%
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    Quote Originally Posted by SamW View Post
    Maybe we should have a poll on how many of us are on SS. That is to say, getting old.
    Thanks for the good idea, Sam. I started another poll. I didn't ask about SS as we can probably figure that out based on age. Of course folks are welcome to mention that in replies if they like

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    Hey Sam, Look to the back of the room and see they guy waving.....That's me! I am a first class bottom of the barrel just starting to learn New-bee! They don't come any newer then me. So I guess that puts me into amateur hobbyist category But I am learning fast!!!

    I have watched all your you tube videos and just received your graver sharpener DVD that my Fiancee Jane bought me for my birthday. I really learned a lot and enjoyed watching it.

    I have no idea where this will take me but one day I hope to earn the title of master engraver.

    Just so you know it was your work and the the work you have posted on the internet particularly the firearms engravings which have inspired me in wanting to learn this field of study. I look forward to meeting you one day.

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