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    Hi, making good photos of Hobo Nickels is very Hard,surfing in the web i have find some very good Info and i want to share it with my forum's folks.

    Build it is very simple we need ony very poor materials and a common camera to have a very good photos,i use an inexpensive compact camera Nikon S8000

    in this tutorial and i'm very happy with the final result!


    -Black foam sheet
    -Frame Glass
    -45 degree set square

    these are the steps to mount it:

    The only rule tofollow is to set the glass about 45 degrees

    For the light i have used a common led light

    light must come horizontally to the glass so that it reflects light down on the coin, very important is to create a wall a little higher tthan the plane where whe have the coin so that the light does not shine directly on the surface of the nickel,now you only need take pectures with the macro and the camera perpendicular respect to the coin, I usually use a very low exposure for greater contrast.

    But you can use a sheet of tracing paper to diffuse the light and get better results

    And this are examples of the photo that i have made with this simple photo studio and a cheap camera

    with tracing paper diffuser light

    without tracing paper :

    with tracing paper :

    ..................you can see the difference depending on the effect we can be better either option

    I hopewill helpfull for you too, personally always i had problems when taking pictures of my nickels, but I think this small study are achieved good results rather than a very economical price.

    I hope you serve
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    1. spadebit's Avatar
      Great little tutorial, thanks for sharing
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