• Te Atua/The Gods

    A William Henry Studios knife featuring Te Atua...............The Gods

    B side: (knife closed) When Rangi and Papa separated there was a time of chaos when their children fought and quarreled with one another. It was their eldest son Tane, who became Lord Of the Forest that separated his parents and to this day still battles his brother Tangaroa, Lord Of The Sea and father of whakairo (carving) for dominance over the earth. Between them is their brother Tumatauenga, the God of war and remains undefeated in battle. He is holding a mere which is a short clever used in combat with devastating effect..

    A side: (knife open) Rongomatane, another son of Rangi and Papa, is the God of food and cultivation and his brother Tumatauenga developed the ko (digging stick) so that he could harvest Rongomatane's children from the earth. Underneath him is Niwareka, descendant of the underworld who is responsible for bringing fiber art into the world. Beneath her feet is her husband, Mataora, a mortal that brought moko (tattoo) back from the underworld and into the mortal domain. On both sides of the knife, at the very top, are Manaia attending to and watching the Gods.


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