• How to Tessellate small scrols

    I posted this on the Lindsay forum, and Steve suggested I put it up here also, here it is:

    This is an application of "Inductive Layout". An ancient method of laying out scrolls I rediscovered while traveling the middle east and southern europe.
    It utilizes a repeating frame, a hexagon, a " Tessellation"...
    I hope it expands your ideas of how to fill an area.

    1. First we lay out a hexagonal pattern to fill most of the space.
    2. Next we draw in the ovals to size the scrolls, using the hexagon as a frame.
    3. Then we draw in the scrolls, hanging them on the frame.
    4. Then we cut the scrolls.
    5.Then we finish shading them.

    " Hang it higher, up there, higher, that would be the hippest"- Jerry Garcia





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    1. betty rose hansen's Avatar
      absolutely beautiful im just beginning to engrave and want to learn more of layout this might help bettyrosehansen
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