• Bread and Butter for the Jewelry Engraver

    We love it when we get pieces in for a brightcut monogram. The end client gets a lot of look for a reasonable price and it's a profitable job for us.
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    1. Eugene Carkoski's Avatar
      looks good
    1. Howard carter's Avatar
      Hi guys and girls
      I am Howard from Cambridge England , I have just watch a video on face book from shaun didyoung , forgive me if i have the name wrong and he used a transfer liquid for transposing an image from an injet printed transparency on to a silver disc . It seems that in the USA you have a thriving engraving industry which we in England sadly do not and in discussions i have read you often refer to substances I find hard to get hold off . Shaun did seem to suggest i could go to his web site but i for some unknown reason cannot find , can any one point me in the right direction please.
      I have been making jewellery for 38 years now and only been engraving for 12 months , i cannot tell you how early i get to work just to start practicing i love it , it gets me out of bed in the morning , i,m still pretty crap at it but just occasionally it works and all the hours it does fade away . i just love it .

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