• A "Litlle Bit" of Celtic?

    I had a client who wanted to create a special Colt 1911 for an upcoming 35th Anniversary. She said she "Liked" Celtic style work, but not didn't want to "overload" the gun with Celtic Designs?? When you deal with people you find that you are constantly put on-the-spot trying to interpret their reasons and meanings.
    I had done Celtic style engraving before, but always on jewelry. The only engraver I ever knew who did full Celtic on firearms was Ralph Bone - his work was beautiful and his interpretations were magnificent. His Celtic flowed easily over the complicated surfaces and I was always intrigued. Ralph would just smile and shrug his shoulders like it was nothing difficult at all!
    As I started to consider the layout and design - mixing traditional scrolls with Celtic - I quickly found that is was difficult indeed, and I was happy that she didn't ask for a full-Celtic pattern.
    So, here's the result of fitting in a "bit of the Celtic" and hoping it would work.
    This Colt is going out for blue today...........

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