• Tamanuitera (The Sun)

    Maui and his brothers were continually frustrated that there was never enough sunlight during the day to get their work done. No matter how early they got up, Tamanuitera (the sun) would move swiftly across the sky and always set before they were finished the day’s tasks.

    One day Maui announced he would capture Tamanuitera and force him to stay in the sky longer so they could enjoy extra daylight. So he got all the women in the tribe to gather and weave flax into strong ropes. He then set off to the east equipped with the rope and a magic axe made from the jawbone of his grandfather to find Tamanuitera's lair.

    When Maui found Tamanuitera he threw the net over him and a great battle ensued. Maui then beat Tamanuitera into submission with his magic axe and the Tamanuitera promised to stay up longer.

    From that moment onwards Tamanuitera rose and moved slowly across the sky giving us more time during the day to get our work done and enjoy some leisure time in the evenings.

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