• Watch out!

    It seems that watch engraving is quite popular . Here are my latest projects. I've been fortunate enough to have requests for completely different themes. Pacific Northwest, Gothic, Cthulu and few regular scrollworks as well.

    Aevig Corvid in Cthulu/octopus theme. Runic text on bezel follows the runestone tradition and means something like "commissioned by Eliyahu from Latland, engraved by Viljo from Estland"

    Pacific Northwest theme on Halios Tropik B. Bronze was a nice change from the usual hard stainless cases.

    Geckota K3 in Gothic architecture theme. With few gold dots...


    And of course the ever popular Apple Watches

    Here I tried a little Photoshop magic, this is a composite of 6 images to get all areas of the watch in focus. The watch was shot with macro lens, so the depth of field was very shallow, no way to get everything in focus at once. This seems to work rather well.

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