• Practice plate design (now with revisions)

    New member here and looking for some guidance with design and ultimately cutting the plate. I have been a jeweller for 17 years so understand some technique using gravers etc from my work and stonesetting. I am submitting this design for some honest and constructive advice and criticism in the hopes that I can develop it and eventually use it to cut multiple practice plates. Once each plate is finished I will post and you guys can provide feedback as to development

    I always remember the best learning I ever did as an apprentice was when I had to sit down and do the same jobs over and over. For me the repetition really brings the lessons home.

    Anyway here's my design! Be honest but constructive and I will be happy!
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    1. leofontenla's Avatar
      Hi! excelent!
    1. Omar Haltam's Avatar
      Looks very nice, better than before if i recall. I might engrave that myself if you dont mind, just as practice
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