• first drawing but shading

    i started yesterday with the dvd of lee griffiths and this is my first drawing of scrolls but I have no Idea how to make the shading. I think its terible What can I do to make an natural shading what is also posible to engrave.
    thx a lot

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    1. Omar Haltam's Avatar
      It looks very nice for a first drawing, i wish i did that well.
    1. Omar Haltam's Avatar
      Sam Alfano has a great DVD for scrolls, and he shows you how to add them in nicely and very plainly. I dont know if Lee griffith went over the subject, i have not seen his DVD
    1. bearman's Avatar
      Great Drawing!!!!
    1. Street's Avatar
      My first drawing was nothing like that. I watched the Lee Griffith DVD as well. I attempted to draw a scroll similar to that, but it did not look anything like that. That is an amazing drawing. I could not do the shading at all.
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