• "Beneath the Blood Moon" Pendant

    I've been away from engraving for a few weeks, and I decided I needed to practice up a bit before starting on a knife commission. This is an extension of a knife design I intend to engrave in a few weeks, and I thought it would make both a nice pendant, and be a good practice piece to get my hand back into the swing of things. I decided the moon behind the owl's face would look good in copper and make a nice contrast to the grey of the titanium pendant. The copper is my first overlay, and I (mostly) used Sam Alfano's overlay technique from the iGraver tips archive: http://www.igraver.com/gold_overlay/index.shtml

    Thanks, Sam, for the tip! Incidentally, you can see an ad nauseum description of my overlay attempt here: http://sterlingsculptures.com/wp/?p=3180

    Above is the finished pendant, in 1/8 inch thick Grade 2 titanium, copper, and 24 karat gold, with silver hardware. The pendant is about 2 1/4 inches tall (about 57 mm).

    Thanks for looking!

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