• No sketch but a design to feed my Chinese White skills.

    To end the work week I started another design on a knife to feed my drawing on Chinese White skills.
    As some of you might wonder why I quit using software, I donít. As I want the design on the other side as well, I will use my scanner to make a picture at real size that I can manipulate to make a Damar bakery parchment transfer.
    While drawing on the Chinese white, I also fine-tuned the use of it. So this time I started with one thin layer of Damar Varnish, that made it much easier to add the Chinese White layer with a soft paintbrush kids use. To make corrections while drawing I just used the paintbrush .
    However, I will buy a good marten paintbrush for that use.

    I didnít draw complex leave structures as I think this is more than enough. The shading could add the extra complexity.
    Although I didnít push the critique button, critique is welcome.


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    1. Destiny's Avatar
      Hello Arnaud,
      Wow, it'll be a long time that has lapsed since someone commented on your technique.
      I love it. That is a technique that I learned and use always. I just wanted to add a fine-tune that I realized from the time that I began using this technique.
      I don't do scroll work, I do monograms. To begin my cipher, I start by painting initially with Chinese White. If I am not immediately happy with the design, I erase and paint the cipher again. This I repeat until I am happy with the size, placement, and shape of the letters. When I am pleased with the painted design, then I begin drawing over it with a pencil, and make corrections with the paintbrush.
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